About me

I was born in Sta.Eulàlia, L’Hospitalet del Lllobregat (Barcelona) on mid 1963.

I studied Biology at Barcelona’s University, combining my time with my work at the Education Department of Barcelona’s Zoo. This was the time everything began as I had my first commission for a wildlife book “Atlas dels ocells nidificants de Catalunya i Balears”.

Several quite important jobs came in the following years but my 30th birthday brought me two special presents, my daughter NĂşria and my first comic works, designing “Sonic The Comic” and a collaboration as inker, with one of the world over greatest Donald  artists, Daniel Branca.

Hard work, a little bit of luck and the wish to learn have brought me till the point I actually am: a quite recognized artist who can work as an approved artist for most of Disney licenses.

I’m also approved for work with Nickelodeon’s “Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Dora the explorer”, “Umi Zoomi Team” and “Bubble Guppies”, DIC’s “Horseland, Sega’s “Sonic the Hedgehog”, Rovio’s “Angry Birds” and LEGO’s “LEGO Friends”.

In the late times I’m combining my normal artistic activity with other freelance works as creating graphisms for renowned restaurants.

You can also find me at :